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"Dear Ms. Kalantarova,


Thank you so much for a wonderful and very enriching musical year with you!  It's amasing how much Aleonor progressed  in your class. She enjoys her piano lessons and looks forward to see you every week.  It's delightful to listen to her playing.

Thank you for your professionalism, kindness and devotion to teaching music."


Gabriella Davis

June 17, 2015



"Our son Ryan has been taking piano and music theory lessons with Marina for about five years.  At the beginning it was amazing to watch how Marina conveyed musical concepts (quite complex to my understanding) in a simple and friendly manner to our than five years old son.  She was able to connect with our boy instantly. Years passed and our son enjoys playing music, and is able to practice and follow Marina's directions on his own.  He participates in the Certificate of Merit Program.  Music became an important part of his life and for that, we are so grateful to our wonderful teacher."


Ted Baker

​May 23, 2014

"Dear Marina,


It has been a pleasure and honor to study music with you.  You are very special to us because my children grew up seeing you week after week. Olivia and Michael have learned so much from you on so many levels. Michael has learned how to read notes into a song and above all how to express through music.  His confidence has grown and he feels comfortable performing in public. I have learned to take a peak into the world of music while watching my children's lessons.  My language of music has grown because of our conversations that I enjoyed very much.  We are lucky to have a musician of your experience and education as a teacher.  Thank you for your kindness, your heart and your immaculate instruction. You are a true professional."


Summer Tuffe

January 16, 2012


" We were referred to Marina's  Studio by our friends and are so happy with our choice of Marina as our teacher.  Our two daughters (ages six and eight) enjoy their lessons. Marina sets high standards and our girls rise up to the challenge.  They have progressed tremendously in the short time and we are looking forward to seeing them grow musically even more.  The atmosphere of each lesson is so nurturing: there is always time for a constructive critique and there is always a place for encouragement.  Marina's love and devotion to music is very inspiring.  We highly recommend Marina as a teacher."


Peter and Ann Geller

April 22, 2012

"We have so much respect for Ms. Kalantarova.  She has been a great teacher for our children.  Her patience, intelligence, sense of humor, and deep love of music are greatly appreciated.  We feel very fortunate to have her as a teacher.  We would recommend

 Ms. Kalantarova to anyone looking for a well structured, solid and enjoyable musical education."


   Alex Green


March 12, 2011

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