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Private piano lessons are usually 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length and are taught at Creative Piano Studio located in Westwood.   After initial assessment, Marina will design a program for each student based on the student's individual abilities, goals, and needs. However, most lessons include the following basics: learning to read and play music, learning to recognize rhythms accurately, music theory concepts and their application, developing technique, improvisation and performance preparation. Composition, midi sequencing, recording, and music notation lessons structure will depend on the student's experience and expectations.              




A student progress depends on daily practice. Practice time should be allocated daily to ensure that the student will experience consistent improvement in keyboard proficiency and musicianship.  The length of practice time will depend on the age of the student. For very young students (five years old) it would be wise to start with 15 minutes a day and add up practice time gradually along with the introduction of new learning material.  For the older beginner student practice time should start at 30 minutes a day, and increase with the introduction of new music pieces and concepts.       

                                                     Ear Training and Theory

Even though Marina usually takes some time to cover important theory topics during private lessons, it is very advisable for the better progress of the student to take separate theory and ear training lessons.  Please, let her know if you would be interested in taking theory classes.


Music is a performing art.  It is very important for young musicians to play for the audience.  Participation in recitals can be a source of inspiration, confidence and motivation for students.  It also teaches students the value of learning how to be attentive and to listen to the other performers.  Creative Piano Studio hosts two recitals per year.  Recitals are usually held in a very warm and relaxing atmosphere.  Students are presented with certificates and awards at the end of the recital.


                           Certificate of Merit Program, Competitions,

                                              State Conventions, Music Festivals


One of the most valuable programs created by the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) is the Certificate of Merit (CM) program.  Students can progress at their own pace through the levels from Level 0 (Prep) to Level 10 Advanced.
CM program as well as ABRSM (the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music) program provides music teachers and their students with exams and assessments that nurture and evaluate an individual's progress, and is recognized at the college and university level. Students are often awarded scholarships after they complete the advanced level.  
Marina's students have an opportunity to participate in the above mentioned programs as well as Competitions, Music Festivals, MTAC/WLA branch and State Conventions.  Participation in these events is optional and requires an extra effort and registration fees.  Please, let Marina know if you would like to do so at the beginning of the school year, because some programs have very early application deadlines.

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